When we think of air conditioners, we automatically think of the emission of cold air. While air conditioners are far different from fans in terms of functions, both are able to provide to us the nice cold breeze we need, especially during under hot summer season. But air conditioners have way more advantages compared to its counterpart, the fan, and here are some of them.

Increase efficiency

Regarding efficiency, it mainly talks about the efficiency of human beings who are at work. This is because we are able to become more efficient at work when we are in a comforotable condition. Just the thought of having to work in high temperature can already make us feel irritated. And that’s what makes portable evaporative air cooler so important in workplaces since it helps us increase our productivity.


Old air conditioners were usually installed in a single area, but today these have been further developed in such a way that it enables us to move it from one place to the other without the need of heavy lifting. dog air cooler has been creating a big buzz over the years because you are able to carry and move it to different places like a fan, the only difference is that they are able to transmit colder air. This means you don’t have to turn the whole centralized air conditioner of your room, but rather just transfer your air cooler which helps save tons of energy.

Better health

The air conditioner is able to provide a better circulation of filtered air inside a room. It boosts health because it is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, microorganisms, and so on that can affect the people’s health inside a room, thus creating a much healthier environment.

Fresh air

Fresh air can be taken inside without the need of opening the windows. And it is then helpful, especially during summer or in tropical places because you wouldn’t really want the hot air to go inside the room just so you can have a breath of fresh air.

Cost effective

You may think that when you turn on your air conditioner, you will eventually have to deal with a high electricity bill, but that’s not always the case, especailly in today’s air conditioners. These have been built with converters which helps decrease the consumption of energy while at the same time provide you efficiently with cold air.