How To Be A Green Corporate Leader


The corporate world is more competitive now than ever and it is becoming more and more difficult to equally manage the profits, societal impact and the influence on the environment in a balanced manner. Failure to do this will have negative consequences on the organization. Therefore it is necessary for any firm to comprehend the value of being sustainable and procedures must be developed to tackle any and all obstacles these three criteria might hold. This article holds a few steps that you as a manager can adopt to your organization in order to be recognized by the stakeholders as a green organization striving to be sustainable, while reducing you carbon footprint on the environment.

Become a paperless office Let’s face it, we as human beings are genetically drawn to papers no matter how many alternatives are available. However, in this digital era almost everyone in the corporate world possesses a smart device (phone, Tab, laptop) and you must encourage them to make use of these devices as much as possible and avoid the usage of paper materials. Hire an electrician Maroochydore to install a display unit on the wall of each floor of the company so that any announcements, notices or invitations can be displayed for everyone to see on the screen rather than using a paper printed approach. If you must use paper for any purpose, out for 100% recycled paper.

Set up smart power strips Smart power strips are intelligent power conveying devices which are able to sense if an appliance to which it is connected is not being used. Then the switch will automatically cut the power to the particular device and also to any complementary appliances that work in collaboration with the aforementioned device. Such a system will bring down the annual electricity wastage to less than 5% which will affect the profitability of the company in a healthy manner.

Self energy generation This futuristic approach is the key to organizational sustainability in the year to come. Set up a state of the art on the rooftops of the company and let the sun do all the work for you! The harnessed power can be used to carry out almost all company activities which will remove that massive, end of the month electricity bill from you desk. Another relatively uncommon method is wind power generation. Switzerland and USA are two of the countries where corporate firms are adopting this method. Both these options carry high costs of installation, however it will not take no more than 7 years for the cost to recoup.

Transportation Encourage your employees to carpool, use public transport or drive eco friendly, zero emission vehicles to and from work. Occupation related activities of all employees of a firm adds up to its carbon footprint. Therefore, as a manager set an example by becoming a green individual yourself. Lead by example to transform your organization into a leader of sustainable practices. For more information, please click


Find A Good Electrical Service


If somebody tells you that he/she can live without electricity, there’s no doubt that you will be highly surprised. Because, to be frank, today it is very difficult to do even the simplest things without this resource. It has now become a need of every human being. You would argue that there are people who live in different parts of the world, who don’t have any electricity at all and they also survive. But, have you ever talked to them and asked about the problems they face? Most of them are suffering big time, due to the lack of this facility. They use lamps, fire to light up their houses and villages. Just imagine how hard it is. Nevertheless, although there are such parts of the world, it could be stated that the majority of the world population of 7.5 billion, has access to electricity. This need has an upwards demand because, the technology is evolving at a rapid pace and all the devices which are introduced to the market, have to be operated with power. There’s no modern device which doesn’t consume electric energy. 

Even though the demand is going up gradually, it couldn’t be supplied at a similar rate as electricity is one of the scarce resources. Therefore, it is our duty to save it, which will in turn benefit us by reducing the cost. Having said that, electricity bill, is something which consumes a huge portion of your budget. Either domestically or in a company, this has a considerable impact on your overall cost. Hence, how would you try to minimize it. Sometimes, the figure of the bill goes up due to our carelessness. For instance, if you don’t keep an eye on the electrical repairs Springfield Lakes which should be done in your place, it will waste so much of energy.

The outcome will be a massive figure on the bill. When it comes to repairs and other things related to electricity, it is always recommended to get the service of a professional electrician. You may be able to do few refinements at home, but always remember that you are not an expert. If something goes wrong, it is risk for your life too. Let’s look at some of the factors to consider before hiring a commercial electrical service.

Are they licensed

In order to guarantee a standardized service, you must check whether they have obtained the licenses from relevant authorities.


Having an insurance is an advantage to all the parties which are connected to a particular property or asset. Thus, your contractor should also have an insurance policy. This is a strict regulation in some of the developed countries.

Their services

It is good for you to see the range of services they offer. Some companies may provide you not only repairing services, but also different other things such as air conditioner installation, checking your electrical system on a periodical basis etc.