Wondering What To Order At Your Favorite Chinese Eatery?


If you are unfamiliar with Chinese dishes or have not sampled a great variety of them, it is not too late to try different popular dishes at an eatery that specializes in this cuisine. Even if you are watching your weight, it is a cuisine that is the perfect excuse to eat to your heart’s full. With grilled and steamed dishes that have a balanced offering of meat and vegetables, it is a cuisine that can become your everyday diet regime and an excuse to eat healthy and savor the wonderful recipes that accompany this century old cuisine.

Popular dishes to try
From Szechwan to Hunan style cooking, there are different styles and variations that are found at different Chinese restaurants. As the country has diverse recipes followed in different regions, many Chinese restaurants offer selective or regional categorization in their offerings. Details of the kind of regional cuisine offered is usually mentioned in the menu headings before you discover the different dishes that are listed. Hence, a Peking duck restaurant in Melbourne might specialize in northern Chinese cuisine and would list such details in their restaurant and menu details.

Starters and main courses
No matter what you order, it is best to go course by course to get a complete experience of a Chinese meal. The soups are delectable and a must try, especially lighter soups that have subtle flavors, often accompanied by best dumplings in Melbourne or simply boiled vegetables, meat or seafood. You could add to stir fried starters that are light and come with savory dips and sauces. For the main meal you would want to add a rice dish, try the noodles of any kind that comes to sauces or in stir fried fashion along with meat or fish dishes that have interesting sauce bases. No cuisine is complete without a dessert choice. There are sesame seed sprinkled pancakes, fried darshan or date flavored ice cream and other delectable items on most Chinese menus.

The delights of Chinese cuisine are numerous. Even lightly steamed vegetables and fresh meat seem to come alive on our taste buds when they are infused with wonderful spicy and sweet sauces and dips. This is a specialty of this cuisine that has won fans for Chinese food all over the world. There is nothing like Chinese chicken soup to warm your heart on a cold night or a noodle soup to soothe the senses when you have had a tiring day. Rice and meat dishes form, complete meals along with noodles for anyone, any day.