Different Kinds Of Storage Cabinets And Steel Shelving And Their Uses

Storage problems are one of the most common encountered pressures to deal. For such conditions, manufacturers have exploited the use of materials to crave out furniture that not only solve the storage issues but also add extra beauty to the overall look to your places.They enhance the space by minimizing the product load.

Storage cabinets

Usual cabinets are small and can be used to adjust smaller things of daily use. However, storage cabinets are unique furniture items which can store goods in them for longer interval of time without damage.These cabinets were initially misunderstood as sideboard, which limited its use. They acts as a first line of defence against natural or mankind disasters like fire, water, spills, contamination etc.They are available in lots of different ranges of size, shapes, colour, frames, and geometry and can also be structured with dividers and shelves.These cabinets are very valuable in areas where mostly dangerous, hazardous chemicals and flammable materials are stored in them.Thus, storage cabinets help to protect products or goods from open susceptible to corrosion, accidental environment by keeping them in cabinets.

Different kinds of storage cabinets

There are different kinds of storage cabinets used for multiple purposes:

  • Portable cabinets are important for things need to carry along.
  • Flammable cabinets consists of chemicals likes alcohols, acetone etc.Such cabinets are very relevant in laboratories.
  • Modular cabinets are held in kitchens at homes and restaurants, to hold kitchen tools and hardware
  • Fireproof cabinets to store corrosive materials and chemicals
  • Waterproof cabinets
  • Heavy duty cabinets are used in industries and warehouses for storing machinery and spare parts, not suitable to be place in light weight cabinets
  • Work surface suited cabinets for placing household tools
  • Household cabinets can be used to store extra goods for longer time

Steel shelving

This is another piece of furniture often creating for storage and placement purposes and can easily come in budget to afford.Steel is the most commonly used metal for shelving in construction, termed as steel shelving. There are majorly two different sorts of steel shelving like open and closed forms.

  • Open steel shelving, as name suggests is open all way around and are of steel book design and are non-cased
  • Closed steel shelving ones have a steel metal background with three side panels enclosing it.

Both kinds of steels borne shelving are advantageous depending upon the type of its use and environment placed in. However, closed steel shelves are much more preferable due to its enclosed version of shelves. These shelves are easy to clean,easy to assemble, high utility, are flexible, expandable,and adjustable. The cabinets and shelvespossess the ability to withstand extreme conditions of high temperature, pressure, heavy load weight etc.


Storage cabinets and steel shelving are great addition to the furniture items,acting as an alternative to usually used tables and stands as standard for decorating and storing things.They serve as a storage house for both dry and wet materials, especially for dry ones.Storage problems are surely be somewhat solved by the incorporation of such cabinets and shelves in the interior design, making overall look wide and sophisticated.